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Eclipse Enchantment

Roll the dice with marvels and celestial magic on this epic trip and enjoy the beginning of Spring nestled along the banks of the majestic Mississippi River.

Day 1: All aboard! We’re headed to the McDonnell Planetarium at the Saint Louis Science Center. Marvel at the cosmos and expand your knowledge of the stars. After an awe-inspiring morning, embark on a scenic journey to our overnight destination: the River City Casino Hotel. You'll receive 2 $20 food vouchers to savor delicious cuisine at the hotel's dining establishments.


Day 2: Today, we head to Chester, Illinois, the direct path of the 2024 Total Eclipse of the Sun for a reserved area for viewing. You'll also receive protective glasses and a Commemorative T-Shirt as you witness this extraordinary celestial event with craft and food vendors on site. Explore the hometown of the iconic Popeye the Sailor Man that pays homage to Popeye and his creator, Elzie Segar. Enjoy the River City Casino Hotel for a night of free time.


Day 3: Today is a BIG day and shrouded in mystery before we head home. Expect an adventure based on your choices and deeds throughout the trip. Will you be good and get a treasured coin, or will you be bad and face a playful paddling? The choice is yours!


2 $20 food vouchers, 1 lunch, protective glasses and a Commemorative T-shirt

2 Nights

April 7 - 9, 2024
PRICE: Per Person

Double $500        

Single $654       

Triple $450  

For a printable version of the flyer, click "Download Flyer" and choose the print option on that screen

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